Sundaes at Walsingham

Sundaes at Walsingham

Day three at the Pilgrimage

WednesdayPosted by The Sundaes Wed, August 03, 2016 19:22:58

Wednesday morning we woke up after a slightly windy (and slightly damp) night’s sleep. Condensation on the inside of the tent had collected and had been dripping onto us in the night, but overall it wasn’t too bad! Once we’d had a quick breakfast we went down to the café for bible study on the Letters of James. This morning we talked about what the use is in believing in the faith if you don’t act on what it tells you. The verses we looked at from chapter 2 mention two ‘role models’ for this idea; Abraham and Rahab, who both had faith and acted on it to do what God ultimately wanted from them. The study ended with the decision that Jesus is our ‘ultimate role model’ for what a Christian should do to act on their faith in order to show mercy to other people and creatures around us.

Father Aran Beesley joined us for the day and brought with his some footballs for Abbie (who left hers at home) and we have already spent some time kicking it about at the end of our pitch. It was nice to give Father Aron a tour around the camp and thankfully he is not scared away by us yet! We hope he enjoys the rest of his day with us!

A little later we went to Mass in the Big Top tent. It was on the theme of Eucharist (the second letter in the pilgrimage’s theme of Mercy). However this morning it was a little different to normal as it also included a sprinkling before the Communion. The clergy gave the water (from the Walsingham well) to us to drink in a silver ladle, then marked our foreheads with a cross before pouring the remainder of the water over our cupped hands – if a little over both our and their feet! It made me feel peaceful.

After Mass the people who hadn’t yet showered went down to the shower block for a wash. After a wash I think we all felt a little more human and a lot less mud monster!

Funny Thing of Today – Niamh falling off her chair as it blew over in the wind

What We Have Learnt Today – The field is a lot nicer when the sun is out and it isn’t raining!

This afternoon we were able to sign up to do an activity. The activities on offer included sword fencing, craft, boot camp and singing with CJM.

4 of us decided to sign up to do the singing workshop with CJM. We learnt a range of songs including a Mercy version of Sorry by Justin Bieber, He’s Blessing Me, Oh Happy Day, Now This Offering, My Lighthouse and a song with sign language.

We all found it very enjoyable and especially the walk up to Walsingham where the workshop took place because we got to walk there on our own and it allowed us to be independent. We really loved learning all the new songs, some of which we will be performing in front of the rest of the pilgrims this evening.

When we returned all 7 of us finished decorating our prayer boxes, some of which had elaborate decorations and others were more subtle with a select colour scheme. This was really fun as it allowed us to express our individuality whilst making something that is very functional for us. We also wrote a prayer each to take to the prayer relay this evening.

Tea was fish and chips (or sausage and chips) which was absolutely scrummy and Father Aran came the right day for tea. The only downside was the gale-force winds blowing through the campsites. There were even some runaway tents today.