Sundaes at Walsingham

Sundaes at Walsingham

Information Overload

Getting ReadyPosted by The Sundaes Tue, July 26, 2016 19:55:30

Today we met up to get up to speed with the final preparations for our pilgrimage. Lillian, Katie and Abbie were missing which was a shame.

We reminisced about last year and wondered where our camping area would be this year. We liked not being too near the toilets, but near enough. We liked to be near the water cow, but not too near! We learnt last year if you don’t occupy your pitch ‘boys’ will take it over and play football. We are wise to many things now having joined the pilgrimage before!

We intend to rush along to the café very soon after arrival and sign up for the singing and dancing workshops that we were too scared to do last year! We are going to be big and brave and try to embrace all the experiences offered to us!

This year we are glamping! We have very posh tents (which we hope are water proof), we have tables to prepare food and eat off, and we also have the kitchen sink! We are still going to be travelling light, with a 2 bag limit per person-a challenge for some more than others!

Packing is an interesting thing, Rebecca has already packed her bag, some have done the pre packing washing and others have done nothing at all! Some people own two toothbrushes! We shall see who has forgotten their jimjams on the first night!

We discussed food; bacon seemed to be mentioned a lot! Everybody seems to like bacon! We also talked about the code of conduct, Aileen's shirts!, Communion at Walsingham, the Barefoot Holy Mile walk, The Walsingham Legend (we couldn't remember it) and Godparents.

Aileen, Mary and Sarah feel last year was a training exercise, this year the Sundaes will have everything in hand and they can relax and enjoy….