Sundaes at Walsingham

Sundaes at Walsingham

Day two at the Pilgrimage

TuesdayPosted by The Sundaes Wed, August 03, 2016 19:16:23

At 9.00 in the morning we set off to the café to complete bible study. It’s so good that in just one hour we can learn so much depth to a chapter in the bible. This morning we studied The Letter Of James, Chapter One. Fr Phillip Barnes lead today's bible study and began relating to us by exclaiming events from his past to link to the chapter we were looking at today. He kept his audience awake and was entertaining. He read the chapter explaining what James meant and God intended. He regularly stated that we should, “hear quickly, speak slowly, and be slow to anger” this phrase was inspiring and clearly explained our theme,”mercy”.Fr. Phillip also stated, ‘don’t just be a hearer of God but be a doer as well’ this told us what James letter read and meant.

We went to Mass in the big top where we had a Holy Communion service with CJM playing music and responses during the service.

After Mass we returned to our tents and sat outside and relaxed for a while then had lunch.

After lunch we did some crafts, making prayer boxes to put our prayer beads in and also notebook and pens for us to write our thoughts and prayers.

We then went to watch Abbie playing football in the 7 a- side football tournament. Although her team she played with didn’t quite win, she did really well. Well done Abbie!

After this it started to rain and rained on and off all evening.

The walk to the Slipper Chapel was a good experience and was nice to be in a different atmosphere as we went to the Catholic Shrine. Very different to what I had experienced before and the service based around Mercy was thought provoking, I enjoyed hearing the readings from the bibles and reflectiveness of the prayers. The walk I enjoyed as I did this barefoot to make the experience real and I enjoyed this even though a little rough underfoot .Walking with the other pilgrims was a good experience as we were all doing the same thing together. The rain made it easier underfoot, it felt real with God’s presence. I enjoyed finishing the holy walk in the shrine gardens as I felt it was a good way to end together with the other pilgrims. I am looking forward to the rest of the week and different experiences I am going to undertake and meeting other people.