Sundaes at Walsingham

Sundaes at Walsingham

Day four at the Pilgrimage

ThursdayPosted by The Sundaes Fri, August 05, 2016 18:37:37

Thursday morning we woke up to a dry tent for once! It hadn’t rained all night so the field was dry too. No wet feet! Yay!

We headed across the field for bible study with Father John, from the Roman Catholic Shrine. He talked about James 3.1-18 but ended up giving us more of a life lesson; talking about when he was a teenager and helped a man by picking up his false teeth up out of his vomit… A disgusting, but memorable, story. He taught us that most choices aren’t impossible just hard and that we need to start to understand the difference. Not your traditional bible study…

We arrived back to the campsite where Aileen, Sarah and Mary were cooking bacon. It was so windy that the bacon took twice as long to cook than normal. After about half an hour of cooking the bacon was finally cooked and it was definitely worth waiting for!

The Mass was led by Chichester camp. They talked about the theme of Reconciliation and the story of Lazarus, with a play to go with it. It made us think about our daily actions and how we should treat people. The Mass ended with the usual Communion, Dismissal and singing.

During the afternoon we prepared for our woodland communion by choosing a reading, gospel, collect and prayers of intersessions. The reading was James, Chapter 1, verses 19-27, which we have been focusing on during bible study. The Gospel reading was, Mathew, chapter 3, verses 13 to 17. The intersessions were based on our prayer beads and we wrote prayers together based on our community, the sick and other points we felt needed praying for. We all prepared these and then we went into the woodland and we all shared communion under one of the trees not just to shelter from the rain but to have some privacy whilst we shared the gifts from God. Revd Aileen led the service and we passed communion around the circle giving each other the bread and wine. Weather conditions were wet but this didn’t distract our communion service.

Overall I enjoyed this service because it was nice to have our own communion service with Revd Aileen and having quiet and reflective time and prayers and readings we chose and contributed too.